Capstone Featured in Omaha World-Herald

Robots come in handy. A recent article published in the Money & Jobs section of the Omaha World-Herald showcases Capstone’s robotic work within one of their largest partners First Data Corporation. It shows the power and efficiency that robotics can add to a mail service provider. See Article

Capstone Featured Printing Impressions

The Valpak Manufacturing Center insert in Printing Impressions showcased Capstone Technologies as part of their showcase of automated print production for the 21st Century. Specifically recognizing Capstone’s robotic mail traying system. See Article


Automate the manual task of traying mail from multiple inserters and printers with a single robot.


Maximize your labor investment, while you minimize labor costs, when you automate sleeving.


Replace manual palletizing of finishing USPS mail trays and discover real and sustainable savings.


Improve your operation's efficiency, productivity and safety.