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With AutoViri Software

Whether you're a continuous mailer, presort mailer, lettershop or co-palletization mailer, it's time to streamline your mail operation and protect your bottom line by connecting your physical and digital workflows. AutoViri Software from CapStone Technologies is the only solution for the print-to-mail industry that can do it.

With AutoViri, You’ll:

Find and fix 17 Mailer Scorecard errors in real time so you can resolve them before your job leaves your control.

Keep an eye on production from anywhere with cloud-based software that's accessible 24/7.

Automatically create an audit trail to help challenge incorrect USPS assessments.

But You’ll NEVER:

Have to change your processes to fit the software – it adapts to your business.

Pay for features you don't need – it’s modular to address your unique challenges.

Need to buy special equipment – it will work with whatever level of automation you have today.

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