Business Engineering

Operational Excellence for Print-to-Mail Operations

Blending the problem-solving mentality of an engineer with the business insight of an executive and the implementation skills of an experienced project manager to effect meaningful operational improvements.


Capstone's business engineering services provide workflow, facility, automation and/or non-automated solutions using a hands-on approach to ensure that you achieve results to meet your specific needs. Whether related to people, processes, facilities or technology, Capstone helps maximize your assets and minimize wasted resources. The benefits are many, but one result is consistent: the elimination of non-value-added activity to create lasting value.

Proven Services From Industry Experts

Founded in 1999, Capstone is distinctly qualified to leverage our business engineering expertise and unique perspective to assist print-to-mail operations.

Vendor- and Technology-Neutral

Capstone's vendor- and technology-neutral approach to business engineering means we have no obligations to push specific solutions and/or vendors. Capstone can provide best-in-class solutions to fit your unique needs. If no solution exists in the marketplace, then Capstone has historically developed one. That’s how Capstone's AutoViri™ robotic and software solutions came to be. As a print-to mail solution-based provider, we look at technology and processes as tools, not the end game, to achieve your business objectives.

Automated or Manual Solutions

Whether your operation is completely automated, completely manual or somewhere in-between, Capstone has a proven track record of successful business engineering projects and repeat clients.

Tailor to Suit Your Key Business Objectives

Whether you're considering minor or major changes, for current or future operations, in new or existing facilities, Capstone's business engineering services provide you with the critical information necessary to make informed decisions regarding the optimal solutions for your key business objectives.

Continuous mailer? Presort mailer? Letter-shop mailer? Co-pal mailer?

Find Your Solution

Not quite sure what you need?


Single- or Multi-Phase Approach

Capstone’s business engineering services are available for any single phase or across any combination of phases to best suit your needs. Typical phases may include the following:

  • Phase I: Current-state assessments to identify and prioritize
  • Phase II: Future-state conceptual options and optimal solutions
  • Phase III: Detail engineering, planning, scheduling and, if applicable, optimal facility preconstruction activity
  • Phase IV: If applicable, facility construction/build-out program management activity
  • Phase V: Technology and services selection, and vendor RFP activity
  • Phase VI: Procurement of vendor equipment and services activity
  • Phase VII: Installation/implementation program management activity
  • Phase VIII: Project commissioning and close activity

Key Differentiators

Decades of successful projects with clients of all sizes across the United States have shown what clients value most about Capstone's services.

  • An experienced partner that is well-rounded in optimizing the interrelatedness of people, processes, facilities and technology
  • A vendor that understands the importance of each element in achieving your overall key business objectives
  • Intimate experience with the print-to-mail industry — which has been Capstone's focus for nearly two decades
  • An in-house team of computer-aided-drafting (CAD) technicians and resources to enable better drawing turnaround time and lower overall project costs
  • The ability to leverage and interact with client-designated representatives and/or operational owners to ensure the desired results, so your staff can provide key input at appropriate stages while focusing primarily on running the day-to-day client business and other internal initiatives
  • A partner that can leverage years of print-to-mail industry relationships from both the private and public sector, technology manufacturers and users, and many others to fully address your objectives
  • A cross-functional team of subject matter experts from both our company and relevant departments of your organization, supported by an executive sponsor to drive the overall project