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AutoViri Software connects your physical and digital workflows to give you real-time visibility of your mail operations and let you fix errors before jobs leave the floor.

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USPS Mailer Scorecard Compliance

Capstone Technologies makes compliance and operational excellence easy, automated, efficient, accurate.


Compliance with the USPS Mailer Scorecard doesn’t have to be complex. Capstone’s patented AutoViri suite of tools ensures that the digital eDoc postage you submit matches the physical postage you mail, simplifying USPS compliance, streamlining operations and helping to protect your organization from postage penalties linked to at least 17 USPS Mailer Scorecard error thresholds.

Automate Mail.dat (.xml) Verification to Ensure Physical Mail = Digital Mail.dat (.xml) File

Capstone's patented AutoViri solutions ensure that all eDocs digitally reflect the actual physical mailing.

Provide Worry-free Screening for Postage Discount Penalties Exposure

AutoViri solutions allow you to screen your operations for exposures before mail ships, so you can be proactive in avoiding potential postage discount penalties.

Generate a Proven Audit Trail

AutoViri solutions provide an audit trail of your mailing to help you confidently challenge USPS postage discount penalty assessments in the event the USPS does assess postage penalties to your account.

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AutoViri Builder

Build digital (mail.xml) eDoc files for the actual physical pallet and its nested trays while checking for common USPS Mailer Scorecard errors and then confirming when mail actually ships.

  • Prevents 12 USPS error thresholds
  • Detects seven USPS error thresholds
  • Identifies issues before mail enters the USPS
  • Isolates problem areas by floor location, time and operator
  • Provides the ability to correct errors to suit your parameters
  • Generates an audit trail to prove the basis for any USPS penalty appeals
  • Performs key quality-control tasks faster, with less labor and more accuracy

AutoViri Monitor

Monitor the actual physical mail pieces/trays/pallets anywhere on your production floor to confirm that your digital (mail.xml) eDoc files precisely match the physical mail while detecting key USPS Mailer Scorecard errors.

  • Includes the complete AutoViri Builder features, plus the following additional features
  • Compares the digital (mail.xml) files of your post-presort software to the actual physical mail piece and/or tray and/or pallet barcodes mailing from your production floor
  • Monitors any digital–physical barcode discrepancies
  • Provides the ability to correct discrepancies to suit your operations, physically or digitally
  • Prevents and detects five additional USPS error thresholds
  • Monitors as much or as little of your volume to suit your operations and budget

AutoViri Auditor

Leverage the audit trails created by AutoViri Builder and/or AutoViri Monitor to more easily appeal USPS Mailer Scorecard postage assessments and/or improve operations.

  • Allows you to compare the actual USPS Mailer Scorecard drill-down data with your AutoViri audit trail data to dispute a penalty
  • Equips your Mailer Verification Assessment Evaluator (VAE) with the tool and data for timely and favorable resolution of USPS additional postage assessments
  • Provides the necessary supporting documentation for appeal reviews with USPS BME/BMC analysts
  • Helps you avoid paying penalties for errors occurring outside your operations