The future of the mail industry goes by the name AutoViri


Maximize your process efficiency and skyrocket productivity when you automate repetitive manual functions with AutoViri robotic mail solutions from Capstone Technologies.


Prepare to be impressed – and inspired to new ways of thinking about your own operation when you see how other companies have found success.



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AutoViriTM: Capstone’s ‘Automatic Man’ Solutions

Combining years of print-to-mail industry expertise with state-of-the-art robotics to deliver operational excellence.

AutoViri solutions allow commercial mail operations to take the highly repetitive, manual tasks of traying, sleeving, tagging and/or palletizing to a new level. Using patented robotic technology and proven innovation, AutoViri eliminates labor costs, increases throughputs and drastically reduces key USPS Mailer Scorecard errors while delivering a compelling return on investment (ROI).

Deploy AutoViri to Suit Your Operations
More efficiency, productivity and accountability — AutoViri delivers in the areas that make mail operations of all sizes more profitable and competitive. Our patented AutoViri solutions are modular, so you can start where you want (traying, sleeving, palletizing), when you want, and deploy them in the order that best suits your operation and timing. Whether you implement one unit for a single operational task, such as sleeving, or deploy the complete suite of AutoViri solutions across your entire production, you’ll realize ROI right from the start because AutoViri impacts across your operations through 12 different profit levers.

Transform Highly Repetitive, Error-Prone Manual Tasks Into ROI
The highly repetitive manual handling of mail pieces, trays, sleeves and pallets in commercial mailer operations has always been burdensome due to volume alone, but those same tasks are also highly susceptible to human error. Mail piece content and label accuracy have long been priorities, but now content and label accuracy for mail trays and mail pallets are even more crucial because new USPS Mailer Scorecard regulations create unprecedented accountability. AutoViri solutions eliminate labor, reduce injury-related costs, increase throughput and drastically reduce key USPS Mailer Scorecard errors by automating highly repetitive manual tasks in your workflow.

Create Proven Audit Trails to Challenge USPS Mailer Scorecard Penalties
AutoViri integrates your mail operation’s physical and digital workflows, which is critical to ensure USPS Mailer Scorecard compliance. At the same time, AutoViri creates an audit trail to challenge USPS postage discount penalty assessments when they occur. Your AutoViri audit trail becomes the key tool for a timely and positive resolution with the USPS, and Capstone’s AutoViri team can assist you through the process.

Patented and Developed by Industry Experts
Created specifically for the print-to-mail industry by experts who have served the industry for nearly two decades, our dedicated client-relations team is committed to your long-term success. Capstone’s operational expertise and patented technology are the perfect combination to solve an emerging industry-wide problem that isn’t going away. AutoViri gives you a proven combination evidenced by live production efficiencies exceeding 98 percent, with uptimes exceeding 80 percent, for literally millions of mail pieces handled by our solutions.

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AutoViri Trayer

Automate the highly repetitive manual task of traying mail pieces from multiple high-speed inserters with a single robotic AutoViri Trayer.

AutoViri Sleever

The AutoViri Sleever provides a proven solution to automate the highly repetitive manual task of sleeving USPS mail trays.

AutoViri Palletizer

The AutoViri Palletizer replaces highly repetitive manual palletizing of all finished letter-size USPS mail trays.

AutoViri Conveyor

The AutoViri Conveyor connects key areas of your operation to safely and efficiently handle mail trays.


Automate the manual task of traying mail from multiple inserters and printers with a single robot.


Maximize your labor investment, while you minimize labor costs, when you automate sleeving.


Replace manual palletizing of finishing USPS mail trays and discover real and sustainable savings.


Improve your operation's efficiency, productivity and safety.