AutoViri Palletizer and Software

The Challenge

The client, with daily output over two million mail pieces from two facilities in the Southeast and Midwest, needed a solution to address Mailer Scorecard and Seamless Acceptance errors, reduce risk for postage assessments and reduce labor demands from a limited local labor pool. Even more challenging, the client requested solutions that would meet a business case supporting less than 18 month payback and high ROI.

The Solution

Demonstrating a payback at 14 months in labor reductions alone, the client entered an agreement for a portion of Capstone’s AutoViri™ Solutions suite: An AutoViri™ Palletizer and AutoViri™ Software were deployed in the mail tray finishing/shipping production area.

The Delivery

The entire process took only 4 months from issuance of PO to delivery and implementation. Capstone addressed client specific key business objectives utilizing two elements of the AutoViri Solutions suite. The base model AutoViri Palletizer is a self-contained system, including a six-axis robotic arm, safety cage/light curtains and human interface controls for building multiple pallets concurrently. The AutoViri Software package allows for automated tray sorting, reporting, exception processing and more importantly, connection to the client’s automated postage payment system and eDoc.

Additional functionality included quick change-over for multiple sortation schemes, real time and historical production data, ensuring production floor physical mail pieces/trays/pallets match reported digital .xml files and eDoc. The client now has audit trail capabilities and reporting to appeal any postage assessment.

The Implementation and Training

The AutoViri Palletizer and AutoViri Software was fully functional and ready to run one week after arrival onsite. Additionally, Capstone planned and implemented a temporary workflow enabling zero downtime for the 24×7 operation until the system was commissioned into live production 2 weeks after delivery. During installation and testing, Capstone trained operators and maintenance staff to operate and maintain the system. Operating manuals, spare parts inventory and formal hands-on training were also provided.

The Results

The AutoViri Solution reduced manual labor in the tray finishing/shipping process by more than 66%. More importantly, the AutoViri Software solution greatly reduced Mailer Scorecard errors from previously unacceptable levels and now protects the client against additional postage assessments by ensuring the Physical mail matches the Digital postage payment/eDoc – including the reporting and audit trail tools to prove it.

The Future Needs

Capstone continues to work with the client to address ongoing key business objectives with other elements of the
AutoViri Solutions suite. With a License and Maintenance Contract in place, Capstone issues service packages and
upgrades for the ever changing landscape of Postal Requirements.

The Comprehensive Solution

Capstone’s AutoViri Solutions suite currently includes at least nine (9) products for mailers of all sizes and mail volume. Whether your production process is completely automated, completely manual or somewhere in-between, Capstone has the right combination of AutoViri solutions to protect your postage discounts, improve your Mailer Scorecard, boost productivity and deliver compelling ROI. Stay ahead of the emerging and ongoing USPS Mailer Score Card implications, go to and see for yourself what Capstone and AutoViri Solutions can do for your operation.

About the Author

Fritz Buglewicz
Chief Product Officer

Fritz has over 25 years’ experience with project management, procedural analysis and business development in print to mail and document management operations. Prior to joining the CapStone team, Fritz owned a successful Direct Mailing firm and worked for nationally recognized statement processing and financial institutions. There he managed operations, efficiency development, facility design, and emergency planning. Fritz has also been involved in the
design and development of operations software for electronic work ticketing, productivity measurement and robotic solutions.

Fritz attended the University of Nebraska where his studies included Architectural Engineering Technology and he has earned his BS in Criminal Justice/Sociology. Fritz is a Certified Facilitator for Measurable Management, a Training and Process Improvement Program for Front Line Managers. He is a USPS Certified Mailpiece Quality Control Specialist facilitating MQC and MPTQM initiatives in your organization and has implemented multiple robotic solutions for mailers.