AutoViri Sleever: Easily Automate or Replace Old Technology for Sleeving USPS Mail Trays

An AutoViri Sleever can do far more for your operation than simply sleeve trays with a robot. It can improve your print-to-mail operation’s efficiency and eliminate labor to enhance the bottom line.

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High-Capacity Sleeve Queues

With a capacity of up to 1,000 sleeves, the AutoViri Sleever’s large sleeve queues allow mail operators to conduct extended continuous runs without operator interaction and handles all letter-size USPS trays — including 2-foot MM, 1-foot MM and 2-foot EMM trays — with multiple combinations possible and on-the-fly tray type recognition in a single production line.

No Operator Necessary

AutoViri means "automatic man," and the AutoViri Sleever lives up to its name by eliminating labor to generate a rapid payback, as well as increasing profitability on an ongoing basis. A single part-time operator can monitor multiple AutoViri Sleevers running at full capacity for hours. And, by reducing the bottlenecks caused by manual sleeving, mail operations can increase production (i.e. “camera”) time for upstream sorting and inserting operations.

Proven and Patented

AutoViri Sleevers are proven in real-world operation, providing sustained industry-leading efficiencies and uptime in live production of literally millions of mail pieces. The AutoViri Sleever has been designed and patented by experts who have exclusively served the print-to-mail industry for nearly two decades.

Measurable Benefits for Your Mail Operation

Save Money and Increase Revenue

Yes, the AutoViri Sleever can do both for you at the same time. Eliminating labor, reducing injury-related costs and increasing throughputs are the most obvious financial benefits of the AutoViri Sleever. Not as obvious, but often more financially beneficial, is the improvement the AutoViri Sleever can have on your upstream operations. For example, the AutoViri Sleever has often allowed the extension of upstream production cut-off times, resulting in deeper postage discounts.


The AutoViri Sleever handles all types of USPS letter-size trays, as well as MM, EMM, full and half trays. Two large sleeve cartridges allow users to configure the AutoViri Sleever to best suit their operational needs, even if those needs change from time to time.

Worry-Free Installation

The AutoViri Sleever has a modular, self-contained, small-footprint design that can simply replace an existing 10-foot conveyer section. It can be installed and in live production within days of arriving at your facility — and with virtually no operational disruption.

Save Valuable Floor Space

Deploying an AutoViri Sleever frees up valuable floor space that may currently be congested with items such as materials, equipment and operator workspace.