AutoViriTM Trayer: Tray Mail Pieces Automatically

The AutoViri Trayer allows mail operations to tray mail pieces automatically, increasing output, eliminating the need for a highly repetitive manual operation and improving your USPS Mailer Scorecard. A single robotic AutoViri Trayer can service multiple high-speed inserters or printers.

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'No Operator Required' = More Throughput, Less Labor and Fewer Errors

Empty USPS trays (full and half) are queued and de-nested automatically for the AutoViri Trayer to fill with the mail pieces for each particular tray. This allows a single part-time operator to monitor the output of multiple high-speed inserters running at full capacity for hours — all trayed by a single AutoViri Trayer.

Create Proven Audit Trails for USPS Mailer Scorecard Penalties

The AutoViri Trayer can integrate your mail operation's physical and digital workflows, ensuring that the digital eDocs you submit precisely match the physical mail trays produced. This creates an audit trail of the exact pieces in each tray, just as they are physically prepared on the production floor. The AutoViri audit trail then becomes the key tool for a timely and positive resolution when the USPS assesses Mailer Scorecard postage penalties.

Tray One Piece, Hundreds of Pieces and Everything in Between

By intelligently selecting the correct size of USPS empty trays, the AutoViri Trayer can sweep one mail piece, more than 400 mail pieces and every quantity in between quickly and accurately in a single motion for each tray. Proven in live production to exceed 97 percent efficiency, the AutoViri Trayer integrates with any manufacturer's inserter models.

Measurable Benefits for Your Mail Operation

Save Money and Protect Revenue

Yes, you can do both at the same time. The AutoViri Trayer automates the tedious and error-prone manual process of physically placing mail pieces into trays. Eliminating labor, reducing injury-related costs and increasing throughput are the most obvious financial benefits. Unprecedented accountability via the USPS Mailer Scorecard increases the risk of postage penalties when pieces are not properly nested in the correct trays. By removing the human element from traying mail, the AutoViri Trayer helps your operation protect its revenue from costly and avoidable USPS Mailer Scorecard penalties.


The AutoViri Trayer employs an industrial robot built for 24/7 operations with low maintenance requirements and a variety of options to uphold the highest safety standards.

Proven Performance

The AutoViri Trayer is proven in real-world use, with sustained live production efficiencies exceeding 98 percent and uptimes exceeding 90 percent for literally millions of mail pieces. Designed by experts who have exclusively served the print-to-mail industry for nearly two decades, AutoViri is committed to your mail operation's long-term success.

Save Valuable Floor Space

Deploying an AutoViri Trayer concentrates the production area, so your operation can accommodate additional volume within existing space and with the same inserters.