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Commercial mail operations must now comply with USPS Mailer Scorecard error thresholds or risk postage penalties. AutoViri helps ensure that the digital eDoc postage you submit matches the physical postage you mail, simplifying your USPS compliance, streamlining your operations and protecting your organization from postage penalties.

USPS Mailer Scorecard Screening Before Mail Ships

AutoViri solutions monitor all USPS Mailer Scorecard verification programs — including Intelligent Mail® full-service, eInduction and Seamless Acceptance — while the mail is still in your facility. AutoViri monitors at least 17 USPS Mailer Scorecard error thresholds.

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Capstone’s innovative AutoViri software and robotics make managing your USPS Mailer Scorecard risks easy, and it all comes with a knowledgeable and experienced support team that will work with you from day one to assist with the AutoViri workflow in your operations.

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Capstone Technologies wants to become your partner in USPS Mailer Scorecard compliance and operational excellence. Capstone has been identifying and converting opportunities to increase productivity, reduce costs and minimize risk in the print-to-mail industry since 1999. Request a demo to find out how our solutions can work for your operation.

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