AutoViri Tray Management System

Improve your operation’s efficiency, productivity and safety. AutoViri™ Tray Management System can accommodate any system, from a simple, single-line system to a multibuilding, integrated system.

Intelligent Tray Management Helps You Do More, Faster

Eliminates Labor & Expensive Rework

The AutoViri Tray Management System (TMS) is more than a conveyor that moves product from point A to point B. It intelligently routes trays of USPS mail to the proper end point for your operation, whether that’s dispatching, palletizing, second-pass sorting or any other vital part of your mail operations.

Durable & Reliable

Made of high-quality steel and designed for commercial mail facilities, the AutoViri TMS will last for years of tough use in a rugged print-to-mail environment. Using proven technology, it gives you dependable uptime you can count on. Our warranties and support plans make your system worry free.

Flexible & Adaptable

The AutoViri TMS is made to fit in your unique setup – no matter what that is. It can stand alone and help you get started with automation in your business, or it can fit seamlessly into your existing automation. It can also work with any existing tray management setup you might have.

If you’re looking to improve throughput in your mail operations but you’re not sure how to tackle it, our Business Engineering team can help you create a flow that serves both your current and future needs.