AutoViriTM Builder: Manage USPS Mailer Scorecard Risk Before Mail Leaves Your Facility

AutoViri Builder prevents 12 types of USPS Mailer Scorecard errors by helping to ensure that your operation’s actual physical mail matches the digital postage eDocs submitted.

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USPS Mailer Scorecard Made Simple

The AutoViri Builder software allows you to build digital (mail.xml) eDoc files of the actual physical pallet and tray barcodes as they’re built and shipped at your facility. Avoiding USPS Mailer Scorecard postage assessments is made simple.

Prevent and Detect Errors

AutoViri Builder prevents 12 types of USPS Mailer Scorecard errors easily, via our user-friendly interface. The solution also detects seven types of USPS Mailer Scorecard errors to identify issues before mail enters the USPS mail stream, so your operation becomes proactive rather than reactive. AutoViri Builder’s real-time, direct access to your production floor data provides accurate and timely monitoring for potential Mailer Scorecard errors. In addition, AutoViri Builder generates an audit trail that provides a reliable basis for any USPS penalty appeals.

Take Corrective Action

AutoViri allows you to quickly isolate problem areas by floor location, time and/or operator so you can correct errors to suit your parameters. The solution provides real-time feedback as frequently as you choose, so you can prioritize corrective actions before mail ships. This allows your mail operation to determine when to perform key corrective tasks, then complete them faster, with less labor and more accuracy.

Measurable Benefits for Your Mail Operation

Save Time and Money

AutoViri automation streamlines and improves the tedious and error-prone process of ensuring that physical mail pieces, trays and/or pallets match the mail.dat file. AutoViri is the most comprehensive "do-it-yourself" tool for ensuring that mail.dat files accurately match the physical mailing actually shipped. Whether your workflow is automated or manual, Capstone Technologies can deploy AutoViri to suit your budget and minimize your risk while boosting your operation's productivity and providing compelling return on investment.

Minimize Risk

AutoViri ensures that your mail operation remains compliant with the ever-changing USPS Mailer Scorecard regulations. By aggregating and monitoring critical USPS Mailer Scorecard datasets for your operations daily and in real time, as well as facilitating error resolution, AutoViri works to prevent Mailer Scorecard errors.

Become Proactive

Capstone's proprietary AutoViri technology delivers a one-of-a-kind compliance dashboard for supervisors and managers. This simple-to-use data assessment feature, with comprehensive reports and management tools to provide insight into your operations, empowers your mail operation resources to spend time where it’s most needed.

Save Valuable Resources

AutoViri helps mail operations recover valuable time and personnel resources — and ultimately save money — by automating the physical/digital verification and ongoing monitoring of physical/digital USPS Mailer Scorecard elements for mail pieces, mail trays and mail pallets, including their nesting relationships and more. AutoViri makes a tedious and potentially risky process easy to manage.